Munitions seized in raid on home

Three family members of Mohamed Chaouk, shot dead by police in Melbourne in 2005, have been arrested at the family’s home in the city’s west.


The arrests of Chaouk’s father Macchour and his two sons, Omar and Waleed, comes after police swooped on the Brooklyn property in a dawn raid about 6am (AEST) on Thursday.

The three men have been arrested over firearms, ammunition, fraud and drug related offences.

Guns and ammunition were found inside the house during the early morning raid.

Police spent the morning digging up trees and bushes in the front yard, and search and rescue police used metal detectors as part of the raid on the property.

Several other properties around Melbourne were also raided on Thursday morning.

Earlier, one of the family’s sons had to be restrained after he abused and threatened to assault a plain-clothes policewoman who was walking past.

A group of at least a dozen friends and relatives of the Chaouks were kept at bay from the large double storey house in Geelong Road by a large group of police standing outside.

As part of Thursday’s operation, more than 30 police stood guard outside the home.

Angry relatives and friends had confronted police earlier on Thursday and threw coins and other items at media congregating nearby.

Traffic hit a standstill as commuters looked on and helicopters circled overhead.

Mohamed Chaouk, 30, was shot dead by a Victoria Police Special Operations Group officer during a dawn raid on his house in Brooklyn, in Melbourne’s west, on April 5, 2005.

The Chaouk house was stormed after a six-month investigation into alleged criminal activity by the family and their associates.

Police from the Santiago Taskforce, Special Operations Group, Operational Response Unit and local stations executed warrants at several properties in Brooklyn and Tarneit about 6am (AEST) on Thursday.


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