Keneally: Labor ‘can win’ NSW election

The American-born premier arrived back in Sydney on Friday from a family holiday to the United States before she departs on Sunday for official business in China.


During her 10-day family holiday, a Newspoll revealed Labor’s primary vote had fallen to a record low of 25 per cent in May-June, from 31 per cent in March-April.

It was the worst result in the history of Newspoll. On Saturday, Ms Keneally said she understands voters are struggling with challenging economic times, the rising cost of living and Sydney’s population growth.

“I know that there are many pressures on the people of New South Wales – the people of Sydney,” Ms Keneally said.

Even though Labor faces a wipeout at the March election, the premier kept a stiff upper lip.

“Every election is winnable and every election is losable,” Ms Keneally said.

She revealed to reporters that Qantas upgraded her entire family for free from economy to business class for their trip to the US.

The day before her departure she told AAP she did nothing in advance to influence Qantas for an upgrade and expected to fly on their economy-class tickets, which she said her husband booked over the internet.

In June, she admitted she didn’t declare free upgrades for her children during a flight to the US for the G’day USA tourism event in 2008.

Former Labor minister Ian Macdonald stepped down in early June following claims he failed to declare free upgrades for himself, his wife and two friends during a trip to Italy via Dubai in 2008.

Upgrades worth more than $250 must be declared.


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