Jackson makes millions after death

Michael Jackson achieved in death what had eluded him in his final years – booming record sales.


The film This Is It, hastily cut together from Jackson’s rehearsals for his planned UK concert series, earned more than $A366.53 million worldwide in box office and DVD sales and rentals.

The administrators of his estate, John Branca and John McClain, appear to have Jackson’s estate on track to be in the black by the end of the year. Following the blue print of Elvis Presley’s estate, which takes in an estimated $A40.09 million a year, the Jackson estate has big plans to keep the dollars rolling in.

The Jackson estate signed a $A286.35 million deal with Sony Music Entertainment to release 10 Jackson albums over seven years until 2017. A CD of previously unreleased Jackson songs is expected to hit stores this November.

Canadian performance troupe Cirque du Soleil will create two tribute stage shows, with one in Las Vegas and another touring the globe. It follows the extravagant circus group’s successful Elvis and Beatles shows.

Gaming company Ubisoft is set to launch a video game based on Jackson’s music and performances.

A Michael Jackson museum is expected to be built in Las Vegas, with hopes of it turning into a tourist magnet and shrine like Presley’s Graceland.

A $A343.62 million Jackson Family Centre is to be built in the Jackson’s home town of Gary, Indiana.

It will feature the Michael Jackson Performing Arts Center and a hotel.

Jackson’s parents, Katherine and Joe, and his eight siblings have felt the brunt of the world media focus since the death, with the family’s Los Angeles compound inundated by hundreds of distraught fans, media members, paparazzi and gawkers for weeks.

Some Jackson family members were accused of trying to cash in on the death, with Joe using a red carpet appearance days after the death to plug his own business. One bizarre story had sister La Toya rummaging for cash in Jackson’s mansion after his death.

Jermaine Jackson was forced to cancel a tribute concert in Vienna, Austria, after the three publicised headline acts Mary J Blige, Natalie Cole and Chris Brown, said they never agreed to perform.


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