Gillard rules out ETS

That means no ETS, no carbon tax and no interim carbon levy until then.


Ms Gillard has already announced new approaches to the mining tax and to asylum seekers; climate change is the next cab off the rank for a pre-election policy makeover.

Ms Gillard made her strongest statements on the issue to date in an interview with ABC Television on Wednesday night.

Earlier this year, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd delayed the ETS (also called the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme) from 2010 to at least 2013.

“I am holding to the decision that was announced by the government that we will review in 2012 the nature of the community consensus in Australia about the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme,” Ms Gillard said, adding that international progress would also be a factor.

“The announcements of the former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd about the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme stand.”

Ms Gillard had previously noted the decision to delay the ETS and said she wanted to build a community consensus before implementing a carbon price, but made her views clearer on Wednesday.

She reiterated that she would soon make announcements on climate change, and said they would focus on what could be done “in the meantime”, before there was a price on carbon.

The government is working hard behind the scenes on new actions to combat climate change, which are believed to focus on renewable energy – solar panels, wind farms and geothermal projects.

There is a range of such projects already funded which Ms Gillard could extend or highlight, or she could opt for new incentives for green energy.

The government is also due to announce new measures on energy efficiency, with insiders speculating about a “white certificate” scheme.

The opposition says there is no need for a carbon price and is pushing instead for a “direct action” scheme where the government pays for emissions reductions. This could bear similarities to Labor’s new approach.


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